Why Science Fiction?

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked this question, but in all honesty, my answers in the past have probably ranged from glib, to honest but superficial, to defensive or just plain frustrated that my gender could still raise any form of surprise when put next to said genre.

Yet through out the process of trying to define myself as a filmmaker and attempting to learn as much as I could about my own field, I’m happy to realise how valuable the question really is and that in the constant search to understand why, I can find answers and rare glimpses of truth in relation to seeing myself as an integral part of the films I make and coming to understand that I am trying to define my own female gaze within this genre.


Science fiction literature is, at its best, not afraid of experiments, of intellectual speculation.

It asks, as one critic has put it, the question, “What if?"

- (Schelde, 1993)


The Sublime

To feel alive.

To feel like there is something more, something bigger then ourselves.

To see ourselves

To feel real.

To put your hand in the flame and come out the other side without a scar.

To laugh, to cry, to shout, to burst.

To be.

What is this kind of meaning, when it doesn’t have a purpose. What is this state we find ourselves in.

We ask for the meaning of life but what point is there in having all the answers, all the knowledge, all the time, what good is anything other then just this.

This moment.

This breath.

This feeling.

This will be the moment where the earth stops, where nothing else matters before or after.

It won’t be bigger then a slight breath of wind on the face.

It will be as if the tiniest movement is now the force that keeps the earth in motion.

It will be as if it could all topple, could all fall apart at any moment and yet it doesn't.

It will be everything and nothing all at the same time.

And in this, we can continue. When we have this underneath our belts we can breathe freely, knowing that everything will continue and everything will always be.

And there is no reason to fear. 

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